Accueil > News > HARD-LINE celebrates 25 years by installing DRIVE BY WIRE on 200 different machine models; over 3,000 converted to date

HARD-LINE celebrates 25 years by installing DRIVE BY WIRE on 200 different machine models; over 3,000 converted to date

septembre 2, 2021
The Drive By Wire Components Strewn over a Rockwall Background

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(Sudbury, ON) After reaching a major milestone of 25 years in business, HARD-LINE’s internationally recognized DRIVE BY WIRE system has now been installed on 200 different machine types worldwide across close to 50 brands. Designed and built in-house, DRIVE BY WIRE has been installed on more than 3000 machines.

As one of HARD-LINE’s initial creations, DRIVE BY WIRE uses electrical systems that parallel traditional mechanical controls to perform various vehicle functions including throttle, brakes, transmission, and steering. Every function is controlled electrically while the driver is removed from the machine allowing for remote-control operation in a safe location.

Our experts can convert any machine to DRIVE BY WIRE, no matter the type, make, age, or model of machinery. “This customizable product can be fully integrated into the OEM build process for a clean and seamless solution for end customers,” says HARD-LINE’s Senior VP of Technology, Ryan Siggelkow.
DRIVE BY WIRE is the enabling element of HARD-LINE’s RRC (Radio Remote Control), TeleOp system, and automation products.

In 1996, DRIVE BY WIRE was first installed on an LHD (Load Haul Dump) at an underground mine in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. Today, this system is retrofitted on all types of heavy machinery for mining, construction, infrastructure, public works, hazardous materials management , and other industries. There are machines that have more challenging installation processes due to size, quantity of functions, type of hydraulic systems; however, we provide end-to-end solutions regardless of complexity.

DRIVE BY WIRE benefits
– Operators removed from dangerous situations.
– Operators can strategically place themselves to get a better view of work area.
– Equal or better control of machine increasing operational accuracy.
– Flexibility in design.
– Increases revenue opportunities as operations continue during downtime/blast cycles.
– Can be applied to machines not designed for autonomy.
– Can be integrated with other systems.
– Used to augment existing designs.

Our experts have a proven track record designing, building, installing, and servicing DRIVE BY WIRE. To find out more about DRIVE BY WIRE – contact our team at info@hard-line.com . Going to MINExpo from September 13-15 in Las Vegas? Check out the system on display in our booth (#1013) in the North Hall.

– We have installed DRIVE BY WIRE on LHDs, locomotives, front-end loaders, excavators, drills, shovels, cranes, bulldozers, trucks, shotcrete, rockbreakers, skid steers, battery electric vehicles, automobiles, armoured personnel carriers, golf carts, robots, to list a few.

– DRIVE BY WIRE is also referred to as x-by-wire, by-wire, and DbW.

CLICK HERE to see the nearly 200 different machine models across 50 brands that have been retrofitted with DRIVE BY WIRE or see attached.


HARD-LINE is a global technology company specializing in remote & tele-remote-control solutions for heavy machinery that allow our customers to move personnel away from dangerous areas – increasing production safely.