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HARD-LINE to showcase new autonomous technology at MINExpo 2021

August 9, 2021
A hand touches the screen of a TeleOp Control Station. The MINExpo and HARD-LINE logos in the bottom right and left corners. Written across the top, Product Release 2021

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(Sudbury, ON) – HARD-LINE is excited to unveil a diverse lineup of new mining products at MINExpo 2021 taking place September 13 to 15 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Auto Rockbreaker

Have you ever used or even seen an automated rockbreaker before? HARD-LINE is launching a ground-breaking product that is going to disrupt the mining industry with Auto Rockbreaker. For the first time ever, operators will have the ability to automate many rockbreaking tasks. With Auto Rockbreaker, mining companies will be able to reduce maintenance and operator training costs, decrease wear and tear while extending the life of all rockbreakers. The system has many functions including auto deploy and auto park as well as other features making the operator-experience that much more intuitive with our 3D User Interface.

TeleOp Assist

Introducing the newest addition to our TeleOp suite, welcome TeleOp Assist! With the upgraded add-on in Assist, this enhanced mode equips the base TeleOp system with intelligent steering assistance and collision detection to keep machines off walls while driving. Using real-time 3D LiDAR scans, Assist will automatically steer to handle the articulation adjustments required to keep the machine as centered as possible within the drift. With Assist’s adaptive technology, a pre-scan of the drift is NOT required -providing significant cost savings. The system does not require any training when moving from one level to another.

Brow Alert

Brow Alert is an added level of protection for any underground mine. It serves as an add-on system designed to deter an operator from manually driving a vehicle past the brow line of a stope by using sensors and modules. The system is easy to install. It reduces risk of workplace injuries and fatalities, encourages accountability, and keeps operators a safe distance from the brow.

Find out more about these innovative products and other mining solutions, like our RRC (Radio Remote Control), TeleOp system, vehicle conversion kits (drive-by-wire), and our low-profile loader series (LP401 and LP301) by visiting our booth #1013 in the North Hall.


HARD-LINE is a global technology company specializing in remote & tele-remote-control solutions for heavy machinery that allow our customers to move personnel away from dangerous areas – increasing production safely.

About MINExpo

MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® is the world’s largest expo for mining equipment, products & services. MINExpo takes place September 13–15, 2021, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. www.minexpo.com

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